Daily Archives: September 24, 2010

A spandex nightmare.


I was but a young child during the eccentric decade of the 80s.  Having been born in 1979, the 80s for me weren’t too much of a crazy time, unless toddlerhood and elementary school are in consideration for the ultimate partay scene.  Having spent my early elementary school years in Greece, I was more so absent from the cultural loop than my American counterparts…because Greece always seems to be a few years behind cultural trends. Emo trend?  Um, yeah, it only appeared in Greece a couple of years ago.  Celebrity sex tapes?  We got our first one just last year, if you can believe it!  Gossip magazines?  Nothing but a product of the late 2000s.

But I’m getting off topic.  The 80s, although not a decade that I could enjoy to the fullest, always are a point of interest, both culturally and musically.  Who doesn’t love 80s music?  You had Tainted Love, Duran-Duran, Flock of Seagulls, The Go-Gos, Michael Jackson at his best.  And who doesn’t love 80s fashion? The hair, the make-up, the shoulder pads – it’s all kitch, but so much fun.  Lets not forget the movies.   Who in their right mind doesn’t love 80s movies?  Working Girl, anyone?

Get your bony ass out of my sight!

Of course the 80s had a dark side…a very spandex-filled dark side.  I present to you the 1987 Aerobic Championship, sponsored by Crystal Light, no less.  I don’t know what’s worse – is it the nervous blondie who think his nervousness will add more to the routine?  Is it the Footloose-style dancing, expertly combined with jumping jacks and push-ups?  Or is it the facial expressions?  It’s just so hard to decide…this trend, thankfully, never did make it across the Atlantic.

Click on the link to watch the stuff nightmares are made of…