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The following post is a photographic ode to the love of my life who goes by the name of Zoubi.  Her actual name is Eva but by sheer intention and non-stop repetition everyone knows her and calls her Zoubi – even her grandmother.

Why Zoubi? Her birth, roughly 5 and a half years ago, coincided with a very popular Greek television show, in which there was a zaftig character who went by the name of Zouboulia.  Incidentally, when Eva was born she was a round, fluffy ball of baby flesh – the type of baby that you wanted to nuzzle and pinch and kiss all day long.  A  zaftig baby, if you will.  And so we nicknamed her Zouboulia.  And from Zouboulia, a Zoubi was born.  If you call her “Zoubi” to ask her something, she will turn to you, attitude turned to the max and say “my name is not Zoubi!”

And so you will ask her “Ok, what is your name, then?”  “It’s Eva Zoubi.”  Needless to say, I think Zoubi is here to stay, much to her parents’ chagrin.

She’s a ball of energy, sass, precociousness, and attitude.  Sometimes she talks to fast I can barely understand what she’s trying to say to me.  She’s as stubborn as a mule and she likes to get her way.  But she is still as pinchable and kissable as the day she was born.

Rock on wit yo bad self, Zoubi.


Sass to the max.

Trying to cheer her up after a crying bout.



Learning to do a cartwheel on her own!

Dressed as a traditional village girl for a school play.