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Overheard at the cafe today…


Heard by: By two older gentlemen (probably in their late 70s or early 80s, by my best estimate,) walking by the Xenon Cafe where we’re having a midday coffee break.

As they slowly mosey on by, they take a look at the crowd ( there were no more than 4 tables full), look at each other and say, “This crowd is too young, lets keep on walking.”

The List.


Often times I find myself asking “Where the hell did all my money go?  Where did I spend XX amount of euros?”  I take out 200 euros from the ATM and a couple of days later I’m tracing back all my steps to figure out where I spent it.  It’s seriously bordering on the ridiculous.  Once a 50-euro bill is used, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the change from that bill will disappear.  At this point Monopoly money seems to have more value.

In order to organize my finances a little bit and to get a better idea of how much I spent on actual necessities versus unnecessary crap, I’ve started the habit of writing everything that I spend in a little notebook.  Yes, I am the girl who will buy something, then bust out her notebook and mark it down.  My “entry” can be as general as “Supermarket,” to as specific as “walnuts/feminine pads.”    It’s actually been quite helpful in that I’ve realized that I grocery shop way too much, often to buy food that I use when I bake and cook as a hobby.  Guess I’ll be pairing down the extreme cookie-bake-offs.   I’ve also realized that I spend WAY too much money on take-out coffee.  One cappuccino is about 1,50 euros, about $2.25, give or take.  It’s still way cheaper than the $4 I used to spend on my beloved Peet’s Coffee lattes and mochas, sure, but the 70 euros I spend in the last 20 days for coffees don’t make much sense in hindsight.  So overall this nerdy habit of writing everything down is actually really helpful.

The most interesting part of the notebook is that my sister (who has been relentless in making fun of me for it) got a hold of it and left her mark in it.  On the left you can see all my scribblings (and for those not living in Greece, the entries Lidl, Marinopoulos and Basilopoulos are names of supermarkets – See?  I told you I grocery shopped way too much!)  We can also see on the left that I went to Modus for a drink, I also gave a cash gift to my cousin for her newborn baby (money for a newborn? yes, that’s what we do here in Greece.  Nowadays these new babies need to be bathed in cash, pretty much.)  The list goes on and on.

And of course, to the right, is my sister’s entry, a message she has been pushing on me since our teenage years.  Apparently, I love it.  I’ve been loving it, and I’ll continue to love it because I’m sure this will not be the last I’ll see of this.


Looks like this time I love it double!