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Pure awesome.


Coming straight outta the Beatles’ Love show soundtrack, here’s a remix of Tomorrow Never Knows, from the 1966 Revolver album, and Within You, Without You, from – what else? – the Sergeant Pepper album.

It’s absolutely magnificent.

Abbey Road.


Taking a long, hot shower while listening to the Abbey Road medley was the best idea I’ve had all week.

(Medley starts at 3:08.)

I’ve been listening to this album – and the Beatles, in general – since I discovered them at 14 years old. Just like any person who loves a particular band or music (whatever it may be,) this album plays to me like second nature. When I listen to it I know which lyrics come next, where Paul’s voice will go into a falsetto, how George will play his guitar as THIS particular point…No matter how many times I’ve listened to it, it still pumps me up.  So yes, there was singing in the shower.  And air guitar.  And an impromptu drum solo in lieu of drying myself up.

………sigh…………this music literally brings joy to my soul.