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One more try…


Ok, so my original first blog post was going to be a quick introduction.  “Was” being the operative word because I ran into some technical trouble.  If anything I knew I had to take advantage of the filler first post title that WordPress threw at me:   “Hello, world!”  Who still says that anymore?  I read it and felt like a bunch of Mary Tyler Moore’s would suddenly jump in front of me and throw their hats up in the air.

So what is this blog about?  Well, I’m an expat, born and raised in Oakland, California – in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  I moved to Nafplio, Greece a little over two years ago.  It’s been a challenge on some levels.  As the title of the blog says:  I think in English and have to speak in Greek.  I’ve never really written before, (blog or anything similar), but my need to vent in English has risen to grand proportions.

What I’m hoping to get out of this blog is amusement for those of you interested enough to read it; and amusement for me by way of venting, bitching, observing, sharing, and over-sharing (as I’m prone to do…)

Other facts about me:

I’m a 31-year-old female.  I live in my parent’s house with my brother (thankfully my parents live mostly in the SF Bay Area).  I enjoy natural herb. The best way for me to de-stress is to cook and bake.  I love eating.  I’m addicted to food-related shows and Oprah. I’m a people-pleaser until I snap and then I become a bitch.  Or so they say.  I don’t have too much patience but I’m working on it.  I love to sing in the car. I hate Greek music.

More to come later…