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The pleasure of a sponge.


When I watched the video below I knew one thing was for sure:  the very sweet-looking lady is definitely passionate about what she likes.

Quoted straight from the video:

“Three sizes, because I just can’t stand just one size.”

“I squeezed, and squeezed,  and squeezed, and squeezed.”

“If you DO get it on your hands, gloves are incredible.”

“Oops, a virgin edge!”

“I love to wiggle the whole thing.”

“Of course you can go straight.”

“Is this fun or what?”

“This was one night that I did not sleep.  It is SO hard to stop.”

Arts and crafts are taken to a whole other level, people. Get your minds out of the gutter.



Algorithms aren’t always right…


…because if they were, there is no way that they would allow YouTube to suggest Rebecca Black’s atrocious-excuse-for-music song, “Friday,” to be the top suggestion after I finish watching The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” video.

The saddest part is that the “Friday” video has over 140,000,000 views.  140. Million.

I think the universe is simply letting us slowly destroy ourselves.

The Antoine miracle.


Antoine Dodson is a man who has given me much to smile about this summer.  Most people have probably seen the original news clip where Antoine rants and rages against the intruders who climbed up his house’s door ledge, entered his sister’s bedroom and tried to rape her. The perp was described simply as “idiot from the projects.”

Thankfully no one was hurt; but whoever did it got their warning from Antoine.  “Weeeeeeeeell, obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park…hide your kids, hide your wives and hide your husbands, cause they rapin’ everybody up in here.”

The original clip was awesome.  But the rant’s auto-tune remix by the Gregory Brothers is a work of art, inducing a never-ending stream of giggles all while you simultaneously move your body to the beat.  It invokes a butt-shaking, hands-in-the-air, lets-get-crazy-in-da-club kinda mood.  It’s probably the catchiest song I’ve heard all year. 24 million YouTube views later and I think we can say this is the  Internet sensation of 2010.  Hell, the song is even available on iTunes.

The best part of the story is that the Gregory Brothers did the right thing and split all the money they made from the video.  Antoine was thus able to buy a new house and move his family to a safer place, and he’s going back to school to get his Associate Business degree, hoping one day to open up a salon or a hotel.

Antoine rules! “You are so duuuummmbbbb!!!”

Check out the hilarity here: http://tinyurl.com/37abkof